Modified Off-The-Shelf (MOTS):
Mercury's design process for continued reliability

Some applications require reliable operation in the harshest environments over an extended period of time, including repeated  emperature cycling over wide temperature ranges. For those deployed systems, standard ruggedization levels are not sufficient to ensure continued reliability. To address such requirements, Mercury has developed a set of design rules and manufacturing procedures to provide extreme durability resulting in Mercury’s Modified Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) service offering.

Some of the design and manufacturing processes that need to be modified for MOTS extreme durability include
  • Application and type of eutectic solder
  • Method and type of underfill to avoid cracked solder balls
  • Method and type of conformal coating to avoid tin whiskers
  • Amount of gold plating to avoid embrittlement
  • Conversion of LGA packages to BGA packages
  • Conversion of DFN/QFN packages to gull wing packages
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